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THIS Site Domains are for sale.

Hello to all readers, this site is where you can read up about other peoples performance diesel cars, I would like those of you who have modified your diesels to send me some photos for to put up on this website so that others can enjoy reading about what you have done to your car, also write up abit about it and any stories you may have and e-mail it to me at .

I own four domain names,  they are  ,  and , they all are set to point to this website  .

The site is improving in the ranks with Google alongside some top names, the wording Performance Diesels is a subject of many conversations and people who own one. Diesels is a very popular choice of motoring these days due to the high MPG return and the POWER which if you look back all those years ago they were sluggish!!. Not any more...There are Performance Diesels about that can put some petrol cars to shame. Hence the website title being very fitting. 

Use the Forum to leave messages for others to read whether its about a problem you are having with you car or to contribute to the site for the benefit of others who share any interest you may have regarding performance diesels cars, and diesel bikes which are making an appearance. To show off your car or diesel bike on the Hot Diesels page is totally free subject to space.

The Performance Upgrades, Parts and accessories page is where you can find contacts for performance diesel parts as well as accessories from dealers, and the Advertising page is where  you can advertise any parts for diesel cars or bikes even the diesel car/bike itself with your contact details so that buyers can contact you directly. You can click on logos and pictures to access their sites.

Any ideas you may have would be taken into consideration for the website, your feedback is important in the development of this site either by e mail or the Forum.


  The above BMW 330 diesel was my car for a time and it was the car to have when it first came out.. the specs were awesome... I hope it will start you off to contribute to the website about your car too along with a pic or two. This car has had some minor styling tweeks to it, the front indicators were the standard plain dull ones, got crystal clear ones instead off e-bay and silver lined orange indicator bulbs which really smartened the front end and fitted a lip spoiler on the rear. The cockpit pedals were replaced for stainless steel ones, chrome/leather gear knob and the handbrake handle was replaced for a chrome one. Looked the business!! All from BMW motor sports. For a time, I installed a super-chip module, on installing it which was a bit of a pain first time as the connector was right at the back of the engine which meant I had to remove the rain drain tray to gain access and it was a tight squeeze getting my hand between the bulkhead and the engine to reach the connector... while at it, I was thinking will it work?, what if the revs at idle became rough or even higher, will it suck on fuel!!! agghh so many things could happen!!. how paranoid I was getting.

  I heistated on starting the car but when it came to was no absolutely no different starting from before... the 3 litre engine purred as always, idle was the same, mmm this can't be right, is it working?, so put it into gear and drove around finding nice bits of road to give it a go, hey I was grinning from ear to ear, quite an awsome whoosh, accelerating, it was so much better, packing a punch. The module stayed. Ever since I've loved getting in the car, over a time I was surprised that mpg hasn't worsened, but actually was the same as before and if you don't use the grin inducing power, you'll actually find yourself getting better mpg return...this is a good thing when you need to be fuel tight!!.

   Before; engine had 184 BHP and 390 Torque(NM), after the tuning module, that increased to 216 BHP and 455 Torque(NM). Nice, I have since sold the car and have missed it....the next one, when i have it, I will write up about it.




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